The Book of Taliesin chaps 14-16

      Chapter Fourteen The Adventurous Marshes     A giant cauldron in which the sun has been brought to boil, this inland sea reflects the fiery dawn to the green rim of hills on every side. Mists curl and lift off of its burning waters as though they smoke at the boiling point. … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 11-12

­ Chapter Eleven: The Further Transformations of Taliesin     Gereint’s ship sped over a cloudless sea, with its sails tied around the wind. But in the poet’s heart, a hundred questions burn and roll. Like the reflected sun broken over many restless waves, the one essential question, more important than all else, gives way … Continue reading

The Search for the Holy Grail

      The Search for the Holy Grail   Is it possible that the authentic chalice of Christ’s Last Supper, the cup in which the Eucharist was established, has survived two millennia, hidden for a thousand years in small monastic chapels high in remote mountains, just as the legends indicate? Our cultural fascination with … Continue reading

The Red Book of the High and Holy Grail, chaps 12-19

Chapter Twelve The ancient homeland of my fathers lies in a forgotten corner of South Britain, not far from the slopes of Snowdonia. The ancestral hall still stood on its hill when Cunedda came from North Britain to defend it against the Saxons. Few know now of its existence; but I know it. Only a … Continue reading

Bran the Archdruid

Bran the Archdruid in Weapons from Paradise   This magnificent figure – the last Archdriud of Britain in the days of the Roman invasions, converted by Joseph of Arimathea and the father of a lineage of early saints – seems to have appeared full-grown out of the imagination of the Welsh antiquarian Iolo Morganwg (Edward … Continue reading

Weapons from Paradise (Vol. II)

  Weapons from Paradise   The Epic of the Holy Grail: Volume Two                 Book III:  Bran the Archdruid   Book IV: Heroes Who Climbed the Singing Constellations   Book V:  The Council of the Kings   Book VI: Evalak, King of Avalon   Book VII: The Gallic … Continue reading