What is Gnostic Christianity?

What is Gnostic Christianity? Gnosis, the Greek root-word for “knowledge”, is a word that has carried many meanings in Greek philosophy, from simple epistemology (the study of how we know things) to esoteric teachings. “Gnosticism”, however, as that word has come into our language, is not the kind of knowledge that comes from observation in … Continue reading

New Hunting Season

New Hunting Season     1.     Leaves with the last cold fires of the year in their veins hang over the road, dropping like the clouds closing around me as I drive deep into the season of withdrawal.   Thoughts stripped away by the wind lie yellow in riverbeds, wilting under the footsteps … Continue reading

About The St. Joseph Cycle

About the St. Joseph Cycle     In 1984, in our first year of marriage, my wife and I took part in the live staging of a Christmas manger. My wife was dressed as Mary the mother of Jesus, and I stood by as Joseph, leaning on my staff. The scene was set up in … Continue reading

The St. Joseph Cycle

Contents I. The Young St. Joseph Leaves Home at Night II. The High Priest’s Summons III. The First Agony of Joseph IV. Rest on the Journey to Bethlehem V. The Second Agony of Joseph VI. The Wise Men Meet Joseph in a Field VII. Rest on the Flight to Egypt VIII. In Exile IX. The … Continue reading

What is Orthodox Christianity?

What is Orthodox Christianity?     Enough of my friends and acquaintances have asked me this question; and really, it’s not that hard to explain.   If we look at the world, and we look at ourselves, it shouldn’t be hard to admit that something is wrong. We ought to be able to do better. … Continue reading

Tears of Grief for Nathaniel Eichner

Tears of Grief For Nathaniel Eichner Who do you think you are, that you keep taking the best of us and are not satisfied yet? I summon you by name, death, I call you to account. You have already swallowed too many of the good men we knew. And here is another, a man solid … Continue reading