A Guide for Teaching Bible, Chap 2 – The Fathers and the Bible

Chapter Two Explaining the Biblical Mysteries: The Fathers and the Bible There is a wealth of Patristic writing on the early narratives in Genesis and Exodus. “Wealth” is an excellent word to apply to these writings; they are every bit as fascinating as the stories themselves. “Let me spread before you a banquet from the … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible, Chap. 1 – Opening the Scriptures

Chapter One Opening the Scriptures This is how we depict Him: Jesus Christ, sitting upon the throne of the heavens. He sits in the form of a man. Not only does He show the likeness of form in which He created us, in His image. He also shows the very flesh of our mankind, taken … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible to Children and Youth

  A Guide for Teaching Bible to Children and Youth     Introduction     Reading the Bible in the home is of tremendous benefit to children. Stories from the Old and New Testament form deep impressions that will never be erased.   “…when your children shall ask their fathers in time to come, saying, … Continue reading

A Poem for Fr. David Shank

A Poem for Fr. David Shank by Mother Macaria Corbett   What could be worse than to fail to die, To keep the weary tendrils of one’s life extended, clinging in so many directions– Better to gather them round The slow burn of dying embers, Let them burn to white ash– Ah, the fire is … Continue reading

Imaginal Orthodoxy and the Hope of the Future

from a post on OCAnews.org: Imaginal Orthodoxy and the Hope of the Future by Fr. Isaac Skidmore, Ashland, OR … insight is captured in several statements: one, by Dostoevsky… says, “Beauty will save the world”; others, by Nikolai Berdyaev, saying, “For God’s purposes in the world the genius of Pushkin is as necessary as the … Continue reading

Cast out (2)

1.   Cast out, cast out… what are these cold winds outside the closing gate inscribed with immaterial impassible flames?   II.   So long ago, can you even remember the fragrance in the paths of those meadows? When the evening breeze fell out of the glowing sky and signaled itself in the shaded branches … Continue reading