The Enigmas of your Brief Existence

The Enigmas of your Brief Existence   in memory of John Robert Martin       I.   In the drowned alleys of New Orleans, an old wooden stair from the rear courtyard, carrying an oil lamp past cluttered book stacks I am looking for you again.   Twenty years ago my correspondence stopped coming … Continue reading

Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In

  Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In                                     Invocation   The sun escapes from the walls of hammered bronze in his own forge into the milder latitudes of distant thunderstorms spread along the horizon like torn sheets absorbing all the final ecstasies of his pure luminescence. A robin … Continue reading

Songbird from the Seasons of Paradise

Songbird   from the Seasons of Paradise         The Season of Forty Days   An avenue of suns, those daffodils interrupting the wild horizon of grasses, float in atmospheres of alyssum that cloudlike run on the hilltop where the firmament of irises cascades its darker blue lobelia.   The inspired brush of … Continue reading

The Ancient Teachings of the Winter Silence

The Ancient Teachings of the Winter Silence I. When winter speaks, trees with their whole concentration listen. The dreaming stars float off in nights of fog that remove the visible world in creeping veils. It is useless for a man to continue thought when winter speaks. The silence walks too loudly.   Disrobed, the scattered … Continue reading

Winter Sonata for Horns in a Minor Key of Sunrise

Winter Sonata for Horns in a Minor Key of Sunrise     1.   The cold month crawls down from its primeval mountains; in the creeping stillness glazing the pond and its fading reflection, cold broken embers of an early sunset warning of the expanding darkness chasing us into small lighted rooms in back of … Continue reading

Singer of Truth and Sagas

Singer of Truth and Sagas A Song of Serbia I. Invocation Come, my most inspired muse from where you sit like a burning auriole on the crowned heads of the sanctified kings of Serbia: Simeon the myrrh-gusher who renounced his throne to search for the face of God, his son Stephen the first-crowned and Stephen … Continue reading