About “Singer of Truth and Sagas”

About “Singer of Truth and Sagas: A Song of Serbia” “The Singer of Tales” is Alfred Lord’s landmark study on oral song-traditions in Serbia. He and his teacher Milman Parry studied one of the world’s last living traditions of illiterate composers of folk epics. Their work revolutionized our understanding of the composition of the great … Continue reading

Singer of Truth and Sagas

Singer of Truth and Sagas A Song of Serbia I. Invocation Come, my most inspired muse from where you sit like a burning auriole on the crowned heads of the sanctified kings of Serbia: Simeon the myrrh-gusher who renounced his throne to search for the face of God, his son Stephen the first-crowned and Stephen … Continue reading

Red Book of the High and Holy Grail, chaps 8-11: Merlin’s Instruction

Chapter Eight Peredur left the hills of Corbenic behind him, finding his own track back through the forest. He had not gone far, when he heard a terrible noise as of a running lion, crashing through the heavy undergrowth. He stopped, alarmed now to hear the noise rushing directly toward him. Barely had he time … Continue reading