A Daughter of the American Revolution, II. (Conclusion)

A Daughter of the American Revolution II. Daughter of the Circuit Riders The city police station was crowded. There were state troopers from both Louisiana and Mississippi, and there were sheriffs from both sides of the river, too. The first thing that happened when they walked in, even before they could get past the front … Continue reading

About “Daughter of the American Revolution”

The plot is pure fiction. The setting and characters are not; the story takes place just after WWII on the farm where my father grew up. It is as authentic a portrait of my grandmother and grandfather as my pen can draw. Whether my father would have reacted this way to the fictional crisis I … Continue reading

A Daughter of the American Revolution

A Daughter of the American Revolution I: Dad’s First Interstate Delivery “Now don’t tell your sisters about this,” Dad said, “until I’m in my grave next to Mother.” The rain was so loud on the roof that I thought maybe I misunderstood him. I knew the place he meant. He had made that very clear. … Continue reading

Perilous Ascent of the Pyranees, Act II.

    Act II     Scene 1: The court school. Enter Gallus, followed by Jacqueline.   Gallus That is not the idea of confession! Jacqueline I thought it would be best to start the day by opening my heart so frankly.                     [lightly Gallus Don’t you know you are throwing away … Continue reading

Published poetry

Mysteries of Silence, poetry by Christopher Lewis, available at anaphorapress.com From the back cover: “Combining a classic literary skill with the most sublime inclinations of the human heart, the very illumination he seeks shines through the poems themselves. His poetry is both exalted and accessible. He speaks directly to the interior life, using experiences of … Continue reading