Christmas choir on the radio

St. Herman’s Orthodox choir on public radio singing Orthodox Christmas hymns. Advertisements

Embers out of the sky

    Embers out of the sky dry forests vomiting the smoke that inters your dreams swallowing the rugged mountain homes that have been here so long, turning red eyes toward the sleeping valley.   Where were we dancing when the wind first began to speak? There was a wedding somewhere, cloudless music among the … Continue reading

What the Orthodox Church offers:

What the Orthodox Church offers:   A guide to understanding the Holy Scriptures in the truest and most meaningful manner, and to live in accordance with the life-giving commandments of Christ. This is exemplified best in the lives and the writings of the Holy Fathers and Mothers, of whom most Western Christians know far too … Continue reading

The Natchez Treasure

Now Available on The Natchez Treasure This romance of the Old South moves down the Mississippi into the beautiful lake and bayou country of southwest Louisiana, through the early history of the Lake Charles area and the legend of Lafitte’s treasure on Contraband Bayou. A philosophical element explores my youthful fascination with Masonic and … Continue reading

About Mithradates the Great of Pontus

  Mithradates, “Gift of Mithra”, even more so than his forefather Alexander the Great, strove to fulfill Plato’s idea of the enlightened ruler, the “philosopher king”. Combining in himself the mystical traditions of ancient Greece and Persia and all the East, his Black Sea kingdom was fiercely opposed to the growing shadow of Roman conquest. … Continue reading

Gift of the Gods, Part IV

The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontos     Chapter Eight     The king sat on a rock, just out of the reach of angry waves on the Black Sea shore. The winter sunset spoke of violence far out to sea. There was a break in the clouds, … Continue reading