About Merlin in The Four Ancient Books of the Prophet Merlin

About Merlin in The Four Ancient Books of the Prophet Merlin The Black Book of the Weapons of Magic is the second book in the Arthurian saga, The Four Ancient Books of the Prophet Merlin. It is my first attempt at fantasy: Merlin’s initiation into the Druid priesthood, and his search for the legendary “thirteen … Continue reading

Creativity, Freedom of Personality, and Genius

Creativity, Freedom of Personality, and Genius: Reflections after standing and serving at the altar for the Divine Liturgy “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Is this even possible, to restore purity within one’s heart? If such a thing were conceivable, would it be anything more than … Continue reading

The Red Book of the High and Holy Grail, Chapters 1-3

The Third Ancient Book of the Prophet Merlin: The Red Book of the Grail Chapter One: Arthur was not in the cathedral that morning. He had intended to be there; greatly had he desired it. Returning from a pilgrimage deep in the pathless marshes of Avalon, his ship had crossed the Severn Sea at night, … Continue reading

Speech of the Stolen Icons, Part II: Moscow

Chapter One Landing at Moscow airport, George let out a sigh. Jammed in the center seat in the long flight from London, he had no room to squirm or even to sneeze, a big man sweating from both armpits onto the passengers on either side. A neatly dressed businessman and woman, unlike the monks accustomed … Continue reading

The Third Ancient Book of the Prophet Merlin: The Red Book of the Grail (I)

Prologue   to the Third Ancient Book of Merlin the Prophet: The Red Book of the Grail When the day of Pentecost had come to its fulfillment, all of Arthur’s court was gathered in the cathedral of Caerleon. This particular edifice in the old Roman city, though not proudest among those Imperial structures, was by … Continue reading

Prologue to the Four Ancient Books

Prologue Many strange histories you will have heard of Arthur’s deeds, and the deeds of his heroes. Adventures and foreign tales of the virtues of women, their influence and power, will have been sung. Many strange doctrines woven out of the mist will cloak in darkness the figure of the king while he vanishes over … Continue reading