The Natchez Treasure

    The Natchez Treasure               Natchez, in April!   From the river plantations, crepe myrtles – the trees my mother loved – with gray twisted trunks come down to the road, to hang their crumpled linens of lavender in the warm breeze. Creeks rush out of the dark … Continue reading

The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus

The Gift of the Gods   The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus           Prelude: Night, the camp of the Romans       Will this darkness never end?   At least the rain has stopped.   But this blind wind increases – unseasonable cold blasts from the wrath of … Continue reading

In the Garden of the Great Rift, chaps 7-10

Chapter Seven     The singing of the young priest and monks, and the exquisite chanting of the cantor, echoed within the towering solid rock walls with such a power of magnificence that one had to stop in wonder as soon as he stepped over the stone threshold. The church was in reality a cave, … Continue reading

The Garden of the Great Rift, chaps. 1-6

In the Garden of the Great Rift Chapter One     Whatever treasures are hidden in the deep, water washes them clean before robbing their color and slowly resolving them into their original elements. Sometimes, it selects one rare jewel or relic to display in sparkling shallows, or upon the brilliant wet sand in sunshine. … Continue reading

A Theory of Story Structured Around Something Other Than Conflict

A Theory of Story Structured Around Something Other Than Conflict.

The Red Book of the High and Holy Grail, chaps 12-19

Chapter Twelve The ancient homeland of my fathers lies in a forgotten corner of South Britain, not far from the slopes of Snowdonia. The ancestral hall still stood on its hill when Cunedda came from North Britain to defend it against the Saxons. Few know now of its existence; but I know it. Only a … Continue reading