Pilgrimage 5- Athens

Athens Walking the streets of Athens, the old quarter (the “Plaka”): A man might be walking in a dream, between the curtains of centuries. The commercial buildings here, stores and hotels, are not old for a European city, wood structures encased in stone or stucco not much more than a hundred years in age. They … Continue reading

Pilgrimage 4- Andros

On the Island of Andros The Ancient Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring Macrina’s stories of this place, from her journey here twelve years before, have remained vivid in my imagination. She described it as a great but half-ruined hilltop fortress, inhabited by just two nuns. All the others had died of old age. Among the … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible 6 – Life Outside Paradise

Chapter Six The Life Outside Paradise God in the Old Testament   It has become a common platitude that the God of the Old Testament is an angry God, a God of vengeance. Those who say such things do not know our God. They have not tasted His Love. They only know the barest outline … Continue reading