Speech of the Stolen Icons Part III: The Russian Countryside

Chapter One The stones of Old Ladoga fall in disordered heaps to the waves. On the promontory, a portion of the fortress rebuilt before the Time of Troubles stands solidly. The thick wall, between two massive square towers, casts its shadow over the ruined arches below that support fragments of walls from early medieval years. … Continue reading

Speech of the Stolen Icons, Part II: Moscow

Chapter One Landing at Moscow airport, George let out a sigh. Jammed in the center seat in the long flight from London, he had no room to squirm or even to sneeze, a big man sweating from both armpits onto the passengers on either side. A neatly dressed businessman and woman, unlike the monks accustomed … Continue reading

The Speech of the Stolen Icons (Part One)

The Speech of the StolenĀ  Icons by Christopher Lewis Part I: America Chapter One The change of seasons hardly cares to show itself in San Francisco. The moderate climate is ruled by immense ocean currents that reach into the bay and embrace the city with their unchanging breath. It is a city that appears to … Continue reading