Portraits of Divinity: About “On the Slopes of Helicon”

Portraits of Divinity:   A “study/ in the faces of men and angels”.   Mt. Helicon: “In Greek mythology, two springs sacred to the Muses were located here: the Aganippe and the Hippocrene, both of which bear “horse” …in their names. In a related myth, the Hippocrene spring was created when the winged horse Pegasus … Continue reading

On the Slopes of Helicon

1.   On the slopes of Helicon haunted by eloquent streams and temple ruins looking down over olive groves and hills tumbling away toward the Corinthian sea-cliffs, I dreamed I was young again   watching my father’s sheep in the endless noon, when whisperings of lost divinity settle among the leaves, and longing for the … Continue reading