Embers out of the sky

    Embers out of the sky dry forests vomiting the smoke that inters your dreams swallowing the rugged mountain homes that have been here so long, turning red eyes toward the sleeping valley.   Where were we dancing when the wind first began to speak? There was a wedding somewhere, cloudless music among the … Continue reading

A Page Rolled Up: for Matt Wellheuser

A Page Rolled Up for Matt Wellheuser   Your home on the other side of the gully as soon as I was old enough to bike that far: your father in his old chair, mother in the little kitchen, the different smell as I walked in, your sister with the mischievous toss of her eye. … Continue reading

Deception Pass

Deception Pass   Granite-blue waves dimpled with cross-current, almost swallowed in the monstrous tide,   a fishing boat creeps through Deception Pass disappears in the dragon’s breath behind Pass Island’s overhanging incisors under a high curving steel bridge, thin crossed lines engineered against the sky.   I.   Had I a palette of rocks to … Continue reading


Rosemary shakes out its sky-blue skirts. The end of the fast draws near,   season of blessed withdrawal: the silence guarded by the bare wood while the light opens its windows in the heart of all existence. The unlimited invocation stirs deep within a breath before the song begins.   Under the vast rose window, … Continue reading

Elegy in the Fire – for Stephen Cramer

Elegy in the Fire for Stephen Cramer   1.   Under the broken spine of the wild Sierra are graves that have been forgotten, fantastic boulders scorched and sculpted by ages, poised near falling. Some were broken by wind and fire, some by madmen looking for gold.   The men that are buried there are … Continue reading

A Song of Ascents (after watching the first episode of Cosmos)

A Song of Ascents   (after watching the first episode of Cosmos)   I.   Climbed the ladder into the medieval bell-tower ringing the ages of another existence, stood on the plain in the circle of megaliths aligned by an unknown race of giants to the sundial of precessional equinoxes,   leveled my telescope into … Continue reading