Speech of the Stolen Icons Part III: The Russian Countryside

Chapter One The stones of Old Ladoga fall in disordered heaps to the waves. On the promontory, a portion of the fortress rebuilt before the Time of Troubles stands solidly. The thick wall, between two massive square towers, casts its shadow over the ruined arches below that support fragments of walls from early medieval years. … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible Chap. 3 continued – The Six Days of Creation

The Six Days of Creation As we look into the unfolding splendor of the six days of Creation, the mysteries of origin only deepen: We are proposing to examine the structure of the world and to contemplate the whole universe, not from the wisdom of the world, but from what God taught His servant when … Continue reading

About Day of the Holy fire

About the Holy Fire: I wrote this assuming an audience that knows about the Holy Fire that still descends within the tomb of the Savior every year on Holy Saturday. The poem alludes to it without explaining. I’ve never been to Jerusalem and have not seen this for myself. But when the priest lights the … Continue reading

The Day of the Holy Fire

The Day of the Holy Fire I. If you sleep in death today, how do I hear your voice from out of the rock and dark earth calling me? Stranger than the ecstasy of the mockingbird, more urgent than the hummingbird’s wings, nearer than the note of any known species of songbird, and softer than … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible, Chap. 3 – The Mysteries of the Creation

Chapter Three The Mysteries of the Creation Oh, the deep mysteries of our origin in God! If only man would turn his highest intelligence away from his paper theories towards true theoria! “Vision of God” is the literal meaning of the word theoria, the root-word for “theory”. If only man realized what he has been … Continue reading