3- Tinos

On the ferry to the islands, I stared at the color of the sea. I had heard of this. It was rough and dark that day. A deep grape color, I thought. Homer’s “wine-dark sea”. There are always islands floating on the distance. Up close, they are mountainous and bare. There are many churches in … Continue reading

2- Moni Pantokratoros

The Holy Monastery of Pantocratos, Village of Dou Pendeli The eleventh-century church is rough stone, inside and out, horizontal blocks in thick gray-black grout. The interior is remarkable with its climbing niches and arches in this undressed stone, all the way to the high dome, giving an impression of genuine antiquity. The iconostasis is simply … Continue reading

1- Greeting Greece

Athens was introduced to me on the last day of June in the hours after midnight. Her greeting was that of a sea-breeze, fresh and insistent. Cassiopeia leaned comfortably on her high throne, slowly turning. Perseus leapt eagerly into his native skies behind her, climbing a sharp oblique from the horizon. Under his brilliantly winged … Continue reading