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    How does one search for the hidden realms of thought – and beneath them, to the source of being, from which thought emerges fresh and drenched in inspiration? You have found the website for Christopher (Clifton E.) Lewis, published poet and writer, father, husband, and Orthodox subdeacon. Here you can find a wealth of creativity and inspiration from poetry, prose, ramblings, and serious articles, mostly about writing, teaching, or theology. Please make yourself at home. Up on the bar above or down below to the left you can click on a particular type of writing to read from. Straight below you can see the latest blog entries and other tools to get you where you would like to go. Please feel free to join the conversation on orthodoxillumination; I'd love to hear from you.

About Mithradates the Great of Pontus

  Mithradates, “Gift of Mithra”, even more so than his forefather Alexander the Great, strove to fulfill Plato’s idea of the enlightened ruler, the “philosopher king”. Combining in himself the mystical traditions of ancient Greece and Persia and all the East, his Black Sea kingdom was fiercely opposed to the growing shadow of Roman conquest. … Continue reading

Gift of the Gods, Part IV

The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontos     Chapter Eight     The king sat on a rock, just out of the reach of angry waves on the Black Sea shore. The winter sunset spoke of violence far out to sea. There was a break in the clouds, … Continue reading

About John Robert Martin

    Unfortunately there are now only a very few people who knew John Robert Martin, or had any idea what kind of a person he was. A brilliant mind absolutely exploding with rapid-fire comprehension, an overpowering extravert and yet sensitive and respectful, quick to assess another person’s entire depths and quick to adjust his … Continue reading

The Enigmas of your Brief Existence

The Enigmas of your Brief Existence   in memory of John Robert Martin       I.   In the drowned alleys of New Orleans, an old wooden stair from the rear courtyard, carrying an oil lamp past cluttered book stacks I am looking for you again.   Twenty years ago my correspondence stopped coming … Continue reading

Publication Preview of The Natchez Treasure

Coming soon from Anaphora Press: The Natchez Treasure: a novel by Christopher (Clifton) Lewis     What is it that the Freemasonic masters were searching for in the New World of America? On the one hand, the Freemasons were inspired by an ideal for the emancipation and spiritual enlightenment of all peoples. To that end, … Continue reading

The Natchez Treasure

    The Natchez Treasure               Natchez, in April!   From the river plantations, crepe myrtles – the trees my mother loved – with gray twisted trunks come down to the road, to hang their crumpled linens of lavender in the warm breeze. Creeks rush out of the dark … Continue reading