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    How does one search for the hidden realms of thought – and beneath them, to the source of being, from which thought emerges fresh and drenched in inspiration? You have found the website for Christopher (Clifton E.) Lewis, published poet and writer, father, husband, and Orthodox subdeacon. Here you can find a wealth of creativity and inspiration from poetry, prose, ramblings, and serious articles, mostly about writing, teaching, or theology. Please make yourself at home. Up on the bar above or down below to the left you can click on a particular type of writing to read from. Straight below you can see the latest blog entries and other tools to get you where you would like to go. Please feel free to join the conversation on orthodoxillumination; I'd love to hear from you.

A Page Rolled Up: for Matt Wellheuser

A Page Rolled Up for Matt Wellheuser   Your home on the other side of the gully as soon as I was old enough to bike that far: your father in his old chair, mother in the little kitchen, the different smell as I walked in, your sister with the mischievous toss of her eye. … Continue reading

The Gift of the Gods, Part III

  Chapter Six     “Mithridates has not yet sailed for Rome?” the young centurion asked anxiously as he dismounted. Antiochus, walking with a local guide, met the cohort of cavalry scouting far ahead of the main army. They were in low, grassy hills dotted with groves above a river, very different from the dry … Continue reading

Meditations on the Transfiguration

Meditations on the Transfiguration     Through the Archangel’s door; let us enter the chamber of the holy altar, bowing to the floor in reverence. Let us light a candle in the High Place, in front of the eastern window of light. Then we will light the candle in front of the icon of the … Continue reading

About Dismissal

About Dismissal, For the Storm Coming In   This poetic motet began as meditation on tragedy, sparked by my daughter’s serious illness. Slowly, it became a hymn of thanksgiving for her healing.   The brooding theme and structure were inspired by the intriguing Mass for the End of Time, a compilation of medieval plainsong by … Continue reading

Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In

  Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In                                     Invocation   The sun escapes from the walls of hammered bronze in his own forge into the milder latitudes of distant thunderstorms spread along the horizon like torn sheets absorbing all the final ecstasies of his pure luminescence. A robin … Continue reading

The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus, Part II

Chapter Three     “Is this the flower? I’ve never seen such deep color…” “Do not touch those petals!” warned Mithridates. “The sap is lethal.” “I must sketch this in my book, said Krateuas of Pergamon. “But where will I get such blushing crimson – like a sunset dipped in autumn storms! Not even in … Continue reading