Garden of the Great Rift – end

    Chapter Twenty     There are few places that show the immensity of the earth like that plunging rift, tearing the East African highlands in two. Mountainsides within mountainsides, continents of vast twisted terrain, whole fields and forests distributed among them – all dwarfed by distances that would exhaust even the eagle who … Continue reading

Garden of the Great Rift chaps 17-19

Chapter Seventeen     Gabra’s jeep veered through city traffic and raced into the parking lot, just as a sleek Lear jet glided down out of an overcast Ethiopian sky. “That’s not the plane, is it?” said Eldana. “It could be,” said Janet. “That is not the big blue and white Boeing liner you told … Continue reading

In the Garden of the Great Rift 11-16

  Chapter Eleven     In the first unfolding of dawn on the following morning, Ablak Tewdros roused Zeke from his cot. The old man had a finger to his lips, commanding silence. Jed was still asleep on the other side of the tent. Zeke quietly followed Ablak out into the light growing between the … Continue reading

In the Garden of the Great Rift, chaps 7-10

Chapter Seven     The singing of the young priest and monks, and the exquisite chanting of the cantor, echoed within the towering solid rock walls with such a power of magnificence that one had to stop in wonder as soon as he stepped over the stone threshold. The church was in reality a cave, … Continue reading

The Garden of the Great Rift, chaps. 1-6

In the Garden of the Great Rift Chapter One     Whatever treasures are hidden in the deep, water washes them clean before robbing their color and slowly resolving them into their original elements. Sometimes, it selects one rare jewel or relic to display in sparkling shallows, or upon the brilliant wet sand in sunshine. … Continue reading