About Fading Map of an Endless Summer Sky

This poem should provide an interesting contrast to the recently posted “Intersection at the Rising Stars”. Their composition being separated by almost thirty-five years, these two sky-poems show a very different mind.   These long lyrical poems, written in parts, often grow as thematic compositions. By “thematic compositions”, I mean more of a musical score … Continue reading

The Fading Map of an Endless Summer Sky

The Fading Map of an Endless Summer Sky   I. The Topography of the Beautiful   1.   I woke from a summer dream to the soft evasive steps of the beautiful with bare feet vanishing where the breeze remembered her passage through the firs. Except to search the syllables of the rain, the echoing … Continue reading

About Intersection at the Rising Stars

About “Intersection at the Rising Stars”   This poem, written in my youth more than thirty ago, remains a favorite. The hesitation that has kept me from seeking its publication, however, is still with me. It is laced with ideas that no longer inspire me. Not only do they no longer inspire; I have absolutely … Continue reading

Intersection at the Rising Stars

Intersection at the Rising Stars   Solar Theory Concerto Sidereal, on a Theme by Saturn Fragments of the Moon   [Note: the following will make more sense if one first reads “About Intersection at the Rising Stars” under Author’s Notes.]   Solar Theory I. So long I’ve lived among the seven lamps that line the … Continue reading