Meditations on the Transfiguration

Meditations on the Transfiguration     Through the Archangel’s door; let us enter the chamber of the holy altar, bowing to the floor in reverence. Let us light a candle in the High Place, in front of the eastern window of light. Then we will light the candle in front of the icon of the … Continue reading

Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In

  Dismissal: For the Storm Coming In                                     Invocation   The sun escapes from the walls of hammered bronze in his own forge into the milder latitudes of distant thunderstorms spread along the horizon like torn sheets absorbing all the final ecstasies of his pure luminescence. A robin … Continue reading

The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus

The Gift of the Gods   The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus           Prelude: Night, the camp of the Romans       Will this darkness never end?   At least the rain has stopped.   But this blind wind increases – unseasonable cold blasts from the wrath of … Continue reading

Antiquity of Passion Week Services

Antiquity of the Passion Week Cycle of Hymns   Most Orthodox hymnography emerges out of the first one thousand years of Church history. It was a highly creative age of liturgical development under the influence of God-inspired theologians. Many of the hymns we still sing were written as a result of direct experiences of theosis. … Continue reading

Vision and Poetry

Vision and Poetry     In graduate school for English Literature, I wrote several papers on the visions of universal beauty and order that inspired major works of literature. The most ambitious of these analyzed astrological references throughout Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. All the tales, along with the viewpoints of the various narrators among the pilgrims, … Continue reading

In the Garden of the Great Rift 11-16

  Chapter Eleven     In the first unfolding of dawn on the following morning, Ablak Tewdros roused Zeke from his cot. The old man had a finger to his lips, commanding silence. Jed was still asleep on the other side of the tent. Zeke quietly followed Ablak out into the light growing between the … Continue reading