The Book of Taliesin, chaps 11-12

­ Chapter Eleven: The Further Transformations of Taliesin     Gereint’s ship sped over a cloudless sea, with its sails tied around the wind. But in the poet’s heart, a hundred questions burn and roll. Like the reflected sun broken over many restless waves, the one essential question, more important than all else, gives way … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 7 – 10 (from The Four Ancient Books of Merlin)

Chapter Seven: The Roman Imperial Count of Britain     “Is this the legendary fleet of Gereint?” says Taliesin in wonder. There are so many ships that it seems they must be scattered on the waves all the way to Gaul. Impossible, of course, and yet… “Many are the legends attached to the name of … Continue reading