Guide for Teaching Bible 10 – Isaac, Child of the Promise

Isaac, Child of the Promise     Among the Patriarchs, even among all the personalities of the Old and New Testament, Isaac is the most quiet. There is almost nothing that reveals his thoughts or disposition. He is surrounded by powerful personalities, vividly described: his wife Rebeccah, his sons Jacob and Esau. All are people … Continue reading

A Theory of Story Structured Around Something Other Than Conflict

A Theory of Story Structured Around Something Other Than Conflict.

The Red Book of the High and Holy Grail, chaps 12-19

Chapter Twelve The ancient homeland of my fathers lies in a forgotten corner of South Britain, not far from the slopes of Snowdonia. The ancestral hall still stood on its hill when Cunedda came from North Britain to defend it against the Saxons. Few know now of its existence; but I know it. Only a … Continue reading