The Gift of the Gods: The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus

The Gift of the Gods   The Tragedy of Mithridates the Great of Pontus           Prelude: Night, the camp of the Romans       Will this darkness never end?   At least the rain has stopped.   But this blind wind increases ā€“ unseasonable cold blasts from the wrath of … Continue reading

Songbird from the Seasons of Paradise

Songbird   from the Seasons of Paradise         The Season of Forty Days   An avenue of suns, those daffodils interrupting the wild horizon of grasses, float in atmospheres of alyssum that cloudlike run on the hilltop where the firmament of irises cascades its darker blue lobelia.   The inspired brush of … Continue reading

The Ancient Teachings of the Winter Silence

The Ancient Teachings of the Winter Silence I. When winter speaks, trees with their whole concentration listen. The dreaming stars float off in nights of fog that remove the visible world in creeping veils. It is useless for a man to continue thought when winter speaks. The silence walks too loudly.   Disrobed, the scattered … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible 11- Jacob and the Struggle for God

Jacob the Forefather of the Lord and the Struggle to Obtain God     The forefathers and mothers of the Lord in the flesh are often depicted as Christ-like, virtuous and prophetic. Though this is not universally so, and all are human as well with human weaknesses, it can be taken as a general rule; … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 17-end

Chapter Seventeen: The Lady of the Lake     There is not breath enough from the sea to form a ripple on the lake. The water is a glass; and the sun is high enough to see into the shadowy green depths. The little barge drifts within sight of St. Benignusā€™s rock. It is there, … Continue reading

Garden of the Great Rift – end

    Chapter Twenty     There are few places that show the immensity of the earth like that plunging rift, tearing the East African highlands in two. Mountainsides within mountainsides, continents of vast twisted terrain, whole fields and forests distributed among them ā€“ all dwarfed by distances that would exhaust even the eagle who … Continue reading