Guide for Teaching Bible 7 – The Universal Flood

The Universal Flood The story of the paired animals in Noah’s Ark is so often drawn in children’s books, that we might be tempted to pass it over without looking into the depths of its tragedy. The authors of this story, according to tradition – God, Who showed it to Moses, and Moses who narrates … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible, Chap. 1 – Opening the Scriptures

Chapter One Opening the Scriptures This is how we depict Him: Jesus Christ, sitting upon the throne of the heavens. He sits in the form of a man. Not only does He show the likeness of form in which He created us, in His image. He also shows the very flesh of our mankind, taken … Continue reading

Perilous Ascent of the Pyrenees, Act 1

ACT I Scene 1: The castle hall; its starkness is in stunning contrast to its size. The table board likewise is immense but the meal set on it is sparse. There are only two servants. Enter Guilliame and Rostangue. Rostangue You have a minstrel? Guilliame One that will delight you! I heard him singing in … Continue reading

Poetry, Prayer, Theology, Thought

How does one search for the hidden realms of thought – and beneath them, to the source of being, from which thought emerges fresh and drenched in inspiration? Why it is that ancient poets seem to have had access to sources of inspiration that appear inaccessible to the modern mind? Can one still thirsts for … Continue reading