Wedding Night, the final Act

The most passionate, profound scene ever to escape from my pen, though written three decades ago – the truth about the Russian Revolution. I have to say I am still amazed by this. Advertisements

The Wedding Night, Act V

  ACT V     Scene 1: Large room in the Winter Palace again. Lenin, Stalin, other top Bolshevik leaders in suits; Nevsky and others around large table, seated.   Lenin The next step is the swift liquidation of clergy!   Nevsky But we don’t want to make martyrs of them.   Stalin Oh, let’s. … Continue reading

Wedding Night, Act IV

  ACT IV     Scene 1: Outside the Winter Palace. Enter Demidoff.   Demidoff A fine day for a battle!   (Three members of the Red Guard spring out of hiding with guns, one of which is shoved in Demidoff’s face)   Bolshevik Yes, comrade, a fine day for a fight! And what position … Continue reading