About Mithradates the Great of Pontus

  Mithradates, “Gift of Mithra”, even more so than his forefather Alexander the Great, strove to fulfill Plato’s idea of the enlightened ruler, the “philosopher king”. Combining in himself the mystical traditions of ancient Greece and Persia and all the East, his Black Sea kingdom was fiercely opposed to the growing shadow of Roman conquest. … Continue reading

About John Robert Martin

    Unfortunately there are now only a very few people who knew John Robert Martin, or had any idea what kind of a person he was. A brilliant mind absolutely exploding with rapid-fire comprehension, an overpowering extravert and yet sensitive and respectful, quick to assess another person’s entire depths and quick to adjust his … Continue reading

Publication Preview of The Natchez Treasure

Coming soon from Anaphora Press: The Natchez Treasure: a novel by Christopher (Clifton) Lewis     What is it that the Freemasonic masters were searching for in the New World of America? On the one hand, the Freemasons were inspired by an ideal for the emancipation and spiritual enlightenment of all peoples. To that end, … Continue reading

About Dismissal

About Dismissal, For the Storm Coming In   This poetic motet began as meditation on tragedy, sparked by my daughter’s serious illness. Slowly, it became a hymn of thanksgiving for her healing.   The brooding theme and structure were inspired by the intriguing Mass for the End of Time, a compilation of medieval plainsong by … Continue reading

About “Rosemary”

  Its beauty in flower, blooming just as spring makes its arrival, its herbal and culinary value, and its lore all make this shrub an interesting presence in the garden. Its very name is so compelling that it seems it should have been included in medieval herbals. It is not in St. Walafrid Strabo’s collection … Continue reading

Wedding Night, the final Act

The most passionate, profound scene ever to escape from my pen, though written three decades ago – the truth about the Russian Revolution. I have to say I am still amazed by this.