A Song of Ascents (after watching the first episode of Cosmos)

A Song of Ascents   (after watching the first episode of Cosmos)   I.   Climbed the ladder into the medieval bell-tower ringing the ages of another existence, stood on the plain in the circle of megaliths aligned by an unknown race of giants to the sundial of precessional equinoxes,   leveled my telescope into … Continue reading

Where do the Days Spring From (poem for Lent)

Where Do the Days Spring From?   1. As the light reaches out and grows longer, ignited from an oil-dewed wick floating in a glass bowl in the ageless fingers of a frescoed archangel   while the day weakens in the window, reddening clouds drink up the violet sky, from one candle within the altar, … Continue reading

The Garden of the Great Rift, chaps. 1-6

In the Garden of the Great Rift Chapter One     Whatever treasures are hidden in the deep, water washes them clean before robbing their color and slowly resolving them into their original elements. Sometimes, it selects one rare jewel or relic to display in sparkling shallows, or upon the brilliant wet sand in sunshine. … Continue reading