Guide for Teaching Bible 11- Jacob and the Struggle for God

Jacob the Forefather of the Lord and the Struggle to Obtain God     The forefathers and mothers of the Lord in the flesh are often depicted as Christ-like, virtuous and prophetic. Though this is not universally so, and all are human as well with human weaknesses, it can be taken as a general rule; … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible 10 – Isaac, Child of the Promise

Isaac, Child of the Promise     Among the Patriarchs, even among all the personalities of the Old and New Testament, Isaac is the most quiet. There is almost nothing that reveals his thoughts or disposition. He is surrounded by powerful personalities, vividly described: his wife Rebeccah, his sons Jacob and Esau. All are people … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible 9 – Abraham and the Promise

Abraham and Theosis: Man in the Vision of God Vision of God             What are the limits of human existence? The multitude of those who have tasted Divine Vision is probably greater than we imagine. Nevertheless they comprise a very small percentage of our human race. In spite of this, it is of paramount importance … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible 8 – The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel Again, as with earlier passages of the Old Testament, we intend to take a radical approach in our observations. We are going to examine this history in its own terms, imposing modern prejudices upon the ancient text as little as possible, if this is at all within the reach and power … Continue reading

Guide for Teaching Bible 7 – The Universal Flood

The Universal Flood The story of the paired animals in Noah’s Ark is so often drawn in children’s books, that we might be tempted to pass it over without looking into the depths of its tragedy. The authors of this story, according to tradition – God, Who showed it to Moses, and Moses who narrates … Continue reading

A Guide for Teaching Bible 6 – Life Outside Paradise

Chapter Six The Life Outside Paradise God in the Old Testament   It has become a common platitude that the God of the Old Testament is an angry God, a God of vengeance. Those who say such things do not know our God. They have not tasted His Love. They only know the barest outline … Continue reading