About the Book of Taliesin

About the Book of Taliesin This is the beginning of the saga of King Arthur in The Four Ancient Books of the Prophet Merlin. I begin at the very end of his reign and on the outposts of his realm, on the northern coast of Wales, where the poet Taliesin is introduced in the court … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 1 – 6

The First Book of the Prophet Merlin:   The Book of Taliesin               Chapter One: A Poet’s Summons     See, the innocent youth!   The harp in its bag thrown across his back, harp-strings pulled tight and waiting, while he steals a song out of the air as … Continue reading

About “What is Gnostic Christianity?”

  Please share this essay with those who might be interested in the topic. As one who once favored Gnostic teachings myself, I hope my presentation is fair and balanced. I encourage feed-back and on-line discussion. The companion piece, “What is Orthodox Christianity?” can be found here: https://orthodoxillumination.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/what-is-orthodox-christianity/   From “What is Gnostic Christianity?”   … Continue reading