About Pictographs from the Chinese Book of Odes

About “Pictographs from the Chinese Book of Odes”   1. Ancient Chinese Poetics   The Chinese Book of Odes, a collection of folk songs, is the oldest of the Chinese classical texts. It predates the Taoist and Confucian writings that ordered Chinese thought since the earliest Imperial periods. Nevertheless these songs were required study for … Continue reading

Pictographs from the Chinese Book of Odes

Pictographs from the Chinese Book of Odes     1.   Rain in the half-open window, purple brush-marks in a rice-paper sky. Clouds move down among the hemlocks, weave mists in the dripping branches.     2.   The pond unnoticed, hidden in reeds: reflection of white stillness, the egret watches beyond the water’s surface. … Continue reading

About The Unknown Shore of a Nameless Civilization

I wrote this poem while I was in the hospital with my broken leg. Hospital rooms in Port Townsend WA must have the most splendid views in the country, from a hilltop across a wide inlet of Puget Sound.   The poetry that sustained me, by the way, was that of Mother Macaria Corbett.

The Unknown Shore of a Nameless Civilization

The Unknown Shore of a Nameless Civilization     What city, across the water, and what silent ships where tides recedes to an undiscovered distance and the tongue of fog begins to collect its mystery liturgical and silent, a column rising from the lights?   Over the dark water, running halfway before they fall to … Continue reading

Jacob at the Jordan

Jacob at the Jordan       But – it was dark. I didn’t know my way. How could I have known? I didn’t recognize your face. It was dark and I had to cross and I knew from its voice the river was near.   My torn feet found the wet sand. Dawn over … Continue reading

Antiphonal Crescendo

Antiphonal Crescendo     No, I don’t think anyone understands that peace with a white sail so full, alone on the bay. Above, endless clouds form and reform, and more come as if to perfect an antiphonal crescendo.   Like a soul that has pulled anchor from the world, his thoughts on nothing but God, … Continue reading