The Book of Taliesin, chaps 17-end

Chapter Seventeen: The Lady of the Lake     There is not breath enough from the sea to form a ripple on the lake. The water is a glass; and the sun is high enough to see into the shadowy green depths. The little barge drifts within sight of St. Benignus’s rock. It is there, … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin chaps 14-16

      Chapter Fourteen The Adventurous Marshes     A giant cauldron in which the sun has been brought to boil, this inland sea reflects the fiery dawn to the green rim of hills on every side. Mists curl and lift off of its burning waters as though they smoke at the boiling point. … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 11-12

­ Chapter Eleven: The Further Transformations of Taliesin     Gereint’s ship sped over a cloudless sea, with its sails tied around the wind. But in the poet’s heart, a hundred questions burn and roll. Like the reflected sun broken over many restless waves, the one essential question, more important than all else, gives way … Continue reading

About the Book of Taliesin

About the Book of Taliesin This is the beginning of the saga of King Arthur in The Four Ancient Books of the Prophet Merlin. I begin at the very end of his reign and on the outposts of his realm, on the northern coast of Wales, where the poet Taliesin is introduced in the court … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 1 – 6

The First Book of the Prophet Merlin:   The Book of Taliesin               Chapter One: A Poet’s Summons     See, the innocent youth!   The harp in its bag thrown across his back, harp-strings pulled tight and waiting, while he steals a song out of the air as … Continue reading