About The Wedding Night

The Wedding Night is a historical drama of romance and youthful idealism shattered by the Russian Revolution. A young couple, their priest Fr. Mikhail, and the fiery revolutionary Petr, are thrust onto the stage among actual recorded events and persons. Meyerkoff, Demidoff and Olga, with their attempt to assassinate Lenin, and their battle with the … Continue reading

The Wedding Night, Acts I-III

THE WEDDING NIGHT   A drama in five Acts         Cast of Characters     Ivanov A young doctor and psychologist, recently elected to the new parliament, the Duma.   Sophia His beloved.   Fr. Mikhail A parish priest.   Demidoff A young army captain, zealous for the cause of the new … Continue reading

The Book of Taliesin, chaps 17-end

Chapter Seventeen: The Lady of the Lake     There is not breath enough from the sea to form a ripple on the lake. The water is a glass; and the sun is high enough to see into the shadowy green depths. The little barge drifts within sight of St. Benignus’s rock. It is there, … Continue reading