Meditations on the Transfiguration

Meditations on the Transfiguration     Through the Archangel’s door; let us enter the chamber of the holy altar, bowing to the floor in reverence. Let us light a candle in the High Place, in front of the eastern window of light. Then we will light the candle in front of the icon of the … Continue reading

Vision and Poetry

Vision and Poetry     In graduate school for English Literature, I wrote several papers on the visions of universal beauty and order that inspired major works of literature. The most ambitious of these analyzed astrological references throughout Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. All the tales, along with the viewpoints of the various narrators among the pilgrims, … Continue reading

The Search for the Holy Grail

      The Search for the Holy Grail   Is it possible that the authentic chalice of Christ’s Last Supper, the cup in which the Eucharist was established, has survived two millennia, hidden for a thousand years in small monastic chapels high in remote mountains, just as the legends indicate? Our cultural fascination with … Continue reading

Lecture on the Holy Grail

(Click on Title above to activate links.) Holy Grail Lecture Flyer A 2 hour talk on the Literary History, Legend and Byzantine Theology behind this fascinating topic, given February, 2012. To hear this talk, go to the parish website: Scroll down underneath the calendar to the events section.

Pilgrimage to Greece 9: Mt. Athos

Dawn had not showed herself when we got the taxi. By the time we were dropped off at the bus station, the east was discernable. The bus traveled its roads and off-roads through my sleep and half-sleep. We were climbing a mountainous ridge and came down into an idyllic village, narrow streets and houses of … Continue reading

Pilgrimage to Greece 8: Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki   Just north of the great rocks of Meteora, one leaves the plain of Thessaly and enters the hills. There are beautiful grazing pastures and farmlands until suddenly the hills have become mountains. The narrow road winds along precipitous slopes, though it does not seem that these mountains are very tall. The road explores … Continue reading