Publication Preview of The Natchez Treasure

Coming soon from Anaphora Press:

The Natchez Treasure: a novel by Christopher (Clifton) Lewis



What is it that the Freemasonic masters were searching for in the New World of America?

On the one hand, the Freemasons were inspired by an ideal for the emancipation and spiritual enlightenment of all peoples. To that end, they encouraged the formation of new Republics in America.

On the other hand, the New World, the unknown land far to the west, held a strange promise to the imagination. It was as old as the Celtic myth of the Blessed Isles, recurring in the legends of El Dorado, city of gold, and the Fountain of Youth. The belief that America holds some secret destiny for mankind has remained part of its allure.

That hope was placed in peril by the threat of the American Civil War.

Or was even that war part of the Masonic international conspiracy of revolution?


How were the conflicting ideologies of North and South connected to the activities of the infamous privateer Jean Lafitte? When he intercepted Napoleon’s escape on the high seas, what was the nature of the fabulous treasure Lafitte confiscated? Why did the US government outlaw and hunt Lafitte after he helped them win the Battle of New Orleans?

These and other more personal questions, writer and adventurer James Thompson was determined to answer. Guided by a collection of strange maps and Lafitte’s enigmatic journal, he enters the pathless bayou country of south Louisiana. What he discovers is so far different from anything he imagined, that even the Masonic leadership was thrown into turmoil.

A promising thinker and educator in the forefront of the intellectual fashions of his time, James Thompson is forced to realize at last that the most difficult exploration must occur within himself.

A novel of adventure and romance in the Deep South, The Natchez Treasure also explores the philosophical and spiritual dilemmas of our times.


To preview the first chapter, click here:


One Response to “Publication Preview of The Natchez Treasure”
  1. How exciting! That period of history and part of the country have always been interesting to me, but I haven’t ever indulged in a novel set then and there. This will be the excuse I seem to need.

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