Poetry, Prayer, Theology, Thought

How does one search for the hidden realms of thought – and beneath them, to the source of being, from which thought emerges fresh and drenched in inspiration?

Why it is that ancient poets seem to have had access to sources of inspiration that appear inaccessible to the modern mind? Can one still thirsts for a taste of the legendary springs on Mt. Parnassus, to which Hesiod was guided by the dancing Muses, and from which he drank before composing his Theogony?

With such questions of the heart, I wish to welcome friends old and new to the blog-site of Christopher (Clifton E.) Lewis.

While I cannot claim to answer such questions, I can say that they have guided my search for “the forgotten gold we used to call truth” (from Singer of True Tales, unpublished).

I cannot claim to answer such questions; but hopefully I can point the way to some promising hints.

One Response to “Poetry, Prayer, Theology, Thought”
  1. Among friends is a man named like the ocean
    A glimpse of light on the shore he teaches how to see the world
    Like in a dream I open my eyes and wake to a reality I haven’t seen before
    I last saw him among firewood in his living room
    Birds flying over rooftops
    Waking up this morning I returned to the window he helps me see through
    A glimpse of light
    I see the world while the last brown leaves
    Rattle in snow a silent language I now understand

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